81 Support wear and gear available at clubhouses 81.

HAMC Coast presents the Coast Run (starts at 1pm) & party on Sunday 25-06-2017

HAMC Charleroi City presents the Charleroi City Run & party on Saturday 1st-07-2017

HAMC Belgium presents the "20 years on the road" party on Saturday 08-07-2017 (inda HAMC Ghent ClubHouse)

HAMC Coast presents the Beach party on Saturday 26-08-2017

HAMC Belgium presents the National Memory Run & party on Saturday 09-09-2017

HAMC Ghent presents the 9th edition of the "Old Skool Bike Show" on Sep 22, 23 and 24

HAMC Charleroi City presents its HellOWeen party on Friday 27-10-2017

HAMC Antwerp presents their HELLoWEEN party on Saturday 28-10-2017